5 Links Fridays

Every Friday I plan to dig deep into my folder of curated links and share five writing-related articles that I found to be worth bookmarking, along with one bonus link just for fun. Enjoy!

Bookish Links

  1. Ten Scenes for the Mentor Character In Your Novel – Every hero’s journey involves a mentor character. And here, the Better Novel Project provides ten examples of how a mentor can aid the hero without encroaching on his independence. Christine Frazier uses the lovable half-giant Hagrid from Harry Potter to illustrate her points.
  2. First Bookstore Dedicated to Self-Published Authors Opens in Florida – This bookstore in Fort Myers, FL is dedicated to self-published authors and has a really neat pricing structure depending on the level of service desired. It has the potential to be a nice hit with locals and tourists wanting to bring home something to remind them of their winter getaway.I plan to stop by the next time we’re visiting in-laws.
  3. The 20 Most Extreme Cases of ‘The Book Was Better Than the Movie” – I’m a 538 junkie, usually for stats-based political and sports insights, but I’m really glad to see them able to expand their analysis into other realms. As for the topic, I believe the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Needful Things deserves an honorary spot someplace fiery and hot. It’s the only movie I ever walked out of.
  4. Five Reasons Internal Dialogue is Essential in Fiction – Given that my WIP begins with a couple cycling across North America, you better believe I’ve been studying how to incorporate some internal dialogue into my story. After all, there are few better places to let your mind wander than atop the seat of a bicycle. Marcy Kennedy includes some tips for using internal dialogue along with her reasons.
  5. The Ten Best Haruki Murakami Books – I’ve never read any of Murakami’s books (yet) but as a fan of Japanese culture — it’s my favorite place to travel to — and as someone making a specific point to read more international fiction, I was happy to see this article pop up on Publisher’s Weekly. And the fact that the first book on this list was originally titled “An Adventure Involving Sheep” just makes it all the better.

Bonus Link!

Top Five Most Expensive Mattress Brands  – I stumbled upon this while trying to scrounge up some reviews for the mattress we were buying when we were setting up house. I used to think a thousand dollars was a lot for a mattress, but now I realize how wrong I was. Then again, I’ve never slept on a bed of horse hair.

Post Image by Vitor Pina, used under Creative Commons.

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