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This week’s collection of links not only gives you reader/writers plenty of things to pore through over the weekend, but a few dozen movie suggestions too. This should come in handy for those of you in the northeast as you ready for Snowzilla 2016! I hope you all were able to secure your supplies; may your French toast turn out tasty.

Bookish Links

  1. The Art of Turning a Unique Phrase – Have you ever read a phrase for the first time that was just so darn clever that you actually stopped mid-sentence, fixated on that one collection of words? You read it over and over, trying to commit it to memory, like a child pianist first learning her scales. Using too many similes in your writing can seem forced and distracting, but a well-turned phrase can really showcase the writer’s skill. Joanna Penn has nine excellent tips for helping you pull it off, with some wonderful examples to accompany each.
  2. The Most Anticipated Books of Last Spring – Yep, you read that correctly. If you’re like me, you read as many 19th century books as you do those from this century. So lists like these never really go out of date. Here’s your chance to look back over the most anticipated books from this time last year and see which one you read, forgot about, or are now interested in. Books have no expiration date; these dozens of recommendations should still be safe to read in 2016.
  3. The Martian and Six Other Movies That Began as Self-Published Books  – Have you seen The Martian yet? If not, do it. Right now. Consider it your homework this weekend. I only just watched it last week and it quickly became one of my all-time favorite movies. The Martian is one of the biggest self-published success stories to date (along with the upcoming adaptation for Wool) but you might be surprised at some of the other entries on this list.
  4. The 15 Most Read Stories in The New Yorker in 2015 – The New Yorker has some excellent writers and though complete issues will sometimes come out with nary an article that captures much interest, other times a story is published that takes the country by storm. Like this past year’s “The Really Big One” about the super-quake predicted to one day strike the PNW. Readers spent 3.6 BILLION seconds reading that story online. FYI: Amazon has The New Yorker (print+digital) for 97% off right now. Check it out.
  5. A Neuroscientist Explains the Allure of Adult Coloring Books – Following up on last week’s post about the adult coloring book craze, here’s an article about the psychology behind the popularity. The biggest takeaway, which I found very comforting to see written on a science blog –it’s  something I strive to remind myself (and sometimes others) —  is that “Not everything we do must be in pursuit of productivity.” Preach it!

Bonus Link!

35 Harrowing Man vs Nature Movies, Ranked  – You don’t know who Edward Vaughan is… yet, but his favorite recent movies are The Grey and 127 Hours, both of which are on this list. Most people would expect an investment banker like him to rank Wall Street or Margin Call among his favorites, but he doesn’t like to be reminded of the seedier side of his profession, least of all by Hollywood. At just 29 years old and with a habit of working over 80 hours a week, Edward hasn’t had much opportunity to see too many of the movies on this list. I think he’d really enjoy Deliverance and All is Lost.

Post Image by George Amaro, used under Creative Commons

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