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Now that we’re officially into February I’m trying to clean out my folder of any remaining “best of 2015” type articles. Your welcome. This week’s list has a couple of book recommendation lists, one featuring books set in the American west, another featuring the best of women’s writing over the last 5 years. Those of you thinking of attending a writer’s conference or book festival will be happy to see a list of (most of) the world’s conferences all in one place. My wife and I are going to be doing some snowshoeing this weekend and, of course, watching the Super Bowl. Hope you all enjoy a great couple of days. See you back here on Tuesday with a post about an option for an unorthodox writer’s retreat.

Bookish Links

  1. 10 Best Books Set in the American West – …according to Callan Wink. I hadn’t read any of these ten, but a couple of them have been on my to-read list for a long while, particularly Desert Solitaire. I’m actually surprised I was allowed to graduate with a geology degree (and attend field camp in the southwest) without this having been made mandatory reading.
  2. All the Covers of Perfect Days from Around the World – It was always common in video games for companies to release different box art for the Japanese version of the game and the Western release. This Instagram slideshow shows just how much book covers can vary between countries. Raphael Montes’ Perfect Days cover art was altered to specifically appeal to readers in a bevy of different nations, often giving a completely different vibe. Marketing at work.
  3. Holy Braille: Scientists Developing Kindle-Style Tablet for the Blind – The University of Michigan is developing a pneumatic Braille device that would use air or liquid to inflate a series of tactile bubbles that would be able to convert a page of text into Braille. No word on if this will ever go into production, but they believe it will be far cheaper than the current 1-line only digital options which cost in excess of $5,000 USD.
  4. 21 Books from the Last 5 Years that Every Woman Should Read – Another list of book recommendations, this one geared towards the fairer sex. I hadn’t read any of these either, other than to page through Bossypants in the airport on several occasions. Mental Note: Read Bossypants. The writer of the article at Huffington Post claims these suggestions represent some of the finest writing by women authors and that this selection contains “some of the most-discussed, thought-provoking and life-changing books” by women in the past 5 years. High praise!
  5. Writer’s Conferences, Festivals, and Book Fairs in 2016 – I’m pretty disappointed that the three-day writer’s festival on Whidbey Island has become a series of monthly day-long workshops and that Washington is otherwise lacking in writer’s conferences (aside from a SFF con in March). Nevertheless, this list has dozens and dozens of conferences and festivals scheduled for all around the world, including one or two virtual conferences you can attend from home.

Bonus Link!

The Top Cameras and Brands on Flickr  – This interesting article takes a dive into the camera data of all of the photos uploaded to Flickr in 2015 to see what are the most common cameras being used. Hint: it’s a phone. But more than that, the article looks at camera brands, models, and the pairs of cameras that people often use. Included are trends of camera brands on Flickr over the last five years. You don’t have to be an avid photographer to guess what that graph looks like as it relates to Canon, Nikon, Samsung, and Apple: Apple is eating Canon’s bento box.

Post Image by Fan D, used under Creative Commons

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