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Fulfilling a contract for as many as ten strategy guides a year didn’t leave a whole lot of time for other writing projects. It wasn’t until I completed the guide for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls in early 2014 that I was able to finally expand my writing efforts beyond video games and blogging.

Season’s End: Breaking the Cycle

Adventure Cyclist, Aug/Sept 2015
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We were six months into our global bicycling trip, the weather had turned cold and drizzly, and I found myself suddenly dealing with an acute, almost paralyzing case of homesickness. My mind wandered to all of the things I love about being at home during the autumn season, particularly as an American residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I brought my bike to a stop alongside a field of wilting sunflowers in the French countryside and stared through tear-stricken eyes as a farmer cut the stalks down at the knees. I was overcome.

Season’s End appeared in the August/September, 2015 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine, as a personal essay about the effects the changing seasons had on me as I experienced my first extended trip outside the United States.

The sight of this annual decay sent a spark ricocheting through my mind until it triggered a memory I had seemingly forgotten: the reason we took this trip. We pedaled away from everything we knew because, like an agricultural calendar, our lives had fallen into a series of scheduled events and tasks. Every year was becoming the same: the same mountain biking getaways every year, the same professional responsibilities every season, the same office parties every holiday, and even the same meals, chores, and conversations. We chose to do this trip because every year was getting to not only be predictable, but identical. We chose to do this trip because all of those things that comprise the concept of home, that notion which had us straddling an emotional ridge for weeks, will still be there when we return. I had forgotten. This trip was our escape from our own unique harvest cycle.

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One Lousy Pirate

February 2014

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Have you ever dreamed of just sailing away from it all? Just running out the clock in a tropical paradise or dropping anchor off the coast of a deserted island somewhere in the Caribbean? You’re not alone.

One Lousy Pirate is a toe dipped into the waters of that runaway Caribbean fantasy. Journey alongside the author as he explores the islands of Barbados, Bequia, and the Tobago Cays in search of his sea legs. From a local reggae fish fry to the summit of La Soufriere, and across the sparkling azure waters of the southern Caribbean, One Lousy Pirate is a funny, vivid, quest to discover if the Caribbean sailing fantasy is what it’s cracked up to be. Peel back the romance and the intrigue and dive beneath the surface to see if the potential reality is as wonderful as we imagine it to be.

The sudden filling of the sails rocked us in our seats as the boat jerked forward in a manner wholly unlike the gradual acceleration of a powerboat. The wind I didn’t even feel moments prior was now pushing us helplessly southward along the coast, thrusting the boat over the rolling waves. The wind was mammalian, propelling us in deep, rhythmic breaths as if it were a predator giving chase. We surged forward on its mighty blows, skipping across the top of the whitecaps, only to slow ever so momentarily as the wind briefly took another breath. No, the motion wasn’t like a motorized craft at all, but far more similar to the stroke-and-glide nature of a crew boat, surging on the catch and easing on the release.




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