Speaking Programs

If your group has an interest in travel, cycling, or writing — or any combination thereof — there’s a presentation for you. From high school auditoriums to banquet halls and clinics, no group is too small to entertain and inspire! As a former speaker for Monster.com and now as a travel and fiction writer, Doug has informed and entertained thousands.

I don’t do travel writing, but Doug gave information that’s relevant for me. His presentation was organized, informative, and fun. – Dawn Byrne, South Jersey Writer’s Group

Beyond Memoir: Let Travel Inspire Your Fiction

Whether you’re writing travel essays, memoir, or pure fiction, the goal should always be to make your writing as authentic as possible. And nothing helps accomplish that better than travel. No matter your genre, there are steps you can take before, during, and after your travel to improve your writing. And yes, the Internet can come in handy too. Using excerpts and first-hand experiences as example, this talk aims to inspire writers of all genres to step outside their comfort zone and uncover the plot twists, local details, and conflict hidden in plain sight.

An informed, organized and inspiring trek into travel writing. Loved the tips on how to focus your project and find your niche. – Laura J. Kaighn, South Jersey Writer’s Group

Seattle to Singapore: A Journey by Bicycle and Sea

Have you ever dreamed of selling everything you own and heading off into the unknown? It’s not as scary as you might think. Of course I say that now, after having spent two years making my way by bicycle and ship around the world. With over 13,000 miles pedaled, two-dozen countries visited, and nearly a month at sea, this talk is bound to inspire the wanderlust in your group.

His presentation was breathtaking, and his content was informative yet infused with humorous anecdotes. The talk generated many audience questions. – Sue Rovito, Membership Chair, Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley

As a mountain biker, traveler, and physical therapist I truly appreciate Doug’s ability to convey his amazing experiences and his ever-shaping world view due to the conversations he has had, meals eaten, and hands shaken. – Benjamin Wobker, Lake Washington Physical Therapy